I am 41 yrs old, I have piles or fissure. I take homeopathy medicine. But my anal tract gets totally dry.

If your anal tract is dry it is because you are chronically dehydrated.  You need at least 2.5 litres of pure water every day + an extra glass for every tea, coffee and alcoholic beverage you take.  In fact you would be better to eliminate tea from your diet totally until you have recovered and certainly do not smoke.

answered by J R M

First decide whether you have piles or fissure, do not take medicines, first try to obtain cure by change of root cause.

They are caused by sedantary life style, horse riding, riding motor-byke for a long time. Low digestive fire coupled with excess food indulgence, constipation, can cause piles/fissures. Frequent use of harsh laxatives weakens large intestine and give rise to piles. Hereditary piles, if present, makes cure very difficult. Many childbirths by vaginal delivery without ayurvedic bastis during 36-40 weeks pf pregnancy can also cause piles. During pregnancy, constipation is most likely as blood flow is diverted to foetus and foetus in-turn needs pelvic space, pressing on colon all the time. Thus pressure on rectum, gives rise to piles. Mothers have to sacrifice a lot to children right from womb-stage itself. Foods Reduce as much as possible hard to digest legumes, heavy to digest dairy items, fruits with milk, jaggery with milk, onion and milk, seasame seeds with jaggery, sweets, soft floor items and bakery items, potato, oils, chillies, spices, red mutton, white mutton. Black seesame seeds with a little jaggery and clarified butter is piles remedy. Rice, wheat Chapati, Green gram soup, all leafy vegetables, butter, butter-milk, aamalki juice can be taken. A root vegetable called Suran in Hindi and Swarna-gadde in Kanada is especially noted to be good for piles. Cook in pressure cooker, mash, add a little Saindhav salt and eat. If continued for 15 days, significant benefits will be seen. Another way to use is tofry it with black pepper and take it with butter milk. This will cure piles within a month.One can take fresh buttermilk in large quantity, (avoid sour buttermilk) along with this suran mash or fried suran, it will help further.

Soups made from floors of Java and Kalthi (Indian grains) are also noted to reduce Piles suffering. For relief from pain, one can sit in hot water or apply fomentation to piles. Be careful if you have the habit of removing pitta by intentional vomits during morning. Avoid sunbath. Sex is noted to increase the pain.

Application of sesame oil, coconut oil, olive oil to anus at bedtime, before passing motion will help heal the piles/fissures.

answered by S B

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