What home remedies can be used to stop fishy vaginal odor?

Some amount of vaginal odor is normal, but a fishy smell as you describe it is probably due to some infection, most probably a bacterial infection. The most common vaginal infection is known as bacterial vaginosis. The infection is not sexually transmitted, but is the result of excessive growth of normal vaginal bacteria due to some imbalance. Other symptoms, such as discharge and itching may also be present.

It is best for you to visit your doctor for a diagnosis, as a vaginal infection cannot always be treated at home. In fact, some techniques that are recommended for vaginal health can actually cause infection. For example, you should never douche, except if you have been advised to do so by your doctor. Douching upsets the natural pH balance of the vagina, as a result of which the growth of normal bacteria may accelerate, or normal bacteria may be removed, allowing more harmful bacteria to move in. Some general practices that you can follow are washing your vagina and vaginal area a couple of times a day, preferably without soap or with mild soap, and using cotton clothes and underwear so that there is no accumulation of sweat and moisture that can help infections to develop besides themselves causing bad odor.

answered by G M

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