Kindly help me get away from white patches on both sides of my cheek. Suggest me efficient home remedies that can help me vanish those patches, they are just in the initial stage?

White patches are medically known as leucoderma or vitilgo. The causes for this are usually excessive stress and liver problems. Rarely, heredity also plays a role in giving a person this particular ailment. Since white patches are directly related to a weak liver, you should follow remedies that will heal the health of this organ. It is important to cut back on heavy work and stress-causing activities. Make it a point to sleep at least eight hours a day.

You cannot consume any kind of alcohol; it will worsen your liver and retard the effectiveness of any treatment. Eat white radish, also known as daikon, or even red radish, which is considered exceptionally helpful in healing the liver. You may also drink its juice early in the mornings. Beetroot, spinach and oranges are also considered to be effective remedies to help get rid of white spots. You must try to be on a vegan diet; this will ease digestive functions and tax your system considerably less.

You can apply Fuller's earth on the patches for external treatment. This process will take a long time, but it will show good results. If you can find it, red, iron-rich earth, mixed with ginger juice is also a good paste to apply on patches. Boil fresh turmeric roots in water for an hour, grind and mix them with rose water and apply on patches. Buttermilk with garlic added to it is also a good home remedy.

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