I'm 16 yrs old girl. i have white patches on my face?

White patches on your face may be because of leucoderma. There are many natural cure home remedies for white patches. Read on the following remedies for best results:

  • The best remedy for white patches is radish seeds. Take few radish seeds and prepare a paste by adding drops of vinegar. Apply this prepared paste on the white patches.
  • Goosefoot vegetable is also a useful cure for white patches. Extract juice from goosefoot vegetable and apply on the white patches. You can even consume this vegetable for best results.
  • Soak turmeric in a glass of water and boil. Strain the boiled water and add mustard oil. Strain again and apply the strained mixture to the affected skin areas.
  • Best herbs for curing white patches on your face are bakuchi, margosa, manjistha, haridra and turmeric. These herbs have strong healing properties and are very useful in curing white patches.
  • Margosa guard, somraji oil and raktasodhak bati are also used for treating white patches.
  • You also need to clean your system of toxins. You can flush out accumulated toxins by drinking more of water and eating fiber rich foods.
  • You can also add adapt yourself to eating boiled vegetables, whole meal bread and chapattis.
  • Juice fasting at equal intervals is also beneficial for treating white patches.

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