What is the treatment for ear infection and sore throat?

Throat infection remedies

A throat infection occurs when your body is invaded by some kind of viral infection. You will notice that your throat feels scratchy. You may also notice that you experience pain while swallowing. Very often the infection in the throat affects the ear too. Ears feel clogged and you may notice that your hearing is little impaired. However, if you notice that there is any kind of discharge you should immediately consult a doctor.

For your throat infection boil some pieces of fresh ginger in a cup of water. Ginger has healing properties, especially when you add a tablespoon of honey to the tea. Drink this at least twice a day.

Gargling with warn salt water is an accepted remedy for throat infection and is sure to bring you relief.

Fried and oily spicy food will only aggravate the condition of your throat so avoiding these will help you get rid of the infection faster.

You have not specified the nature of infection that has affected your eras. If your ears are merely clogged, then swallowing hard a few times can help clear them. Some people notice that clogged ears open up if you yawn widely a few times. If there is any pain or you notice any discharge you see a doctor immediately.

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