How to combat thyroid imbalances?

Thousands over people the world over suffer from a Thyroid imbalance. What this basically means is that your thyroid is not able to function to the complete extent of its capacity. Due to this under active thyroid, food is not being broken down completely in your body. This in turn means that your body is unable to benefit from the nutrients in your food. That is why people who have a thyroid imbalance usually exhibit a variety of symptoms like extreme tiredness, and a feeling of being run down. However the list of symptoms is not exhaustive and if you suspect that you suffer from an imbalance in your thyroid glands, then you should visit your doctor and seek confirmation of your doubts.

Kelp or seaweed is one of the largest sources of iodine. Of course you can get kelp at the beach near your house but remember this is likely to be contaminated and should therefore be avoided. Instead buy kelp form a reliable source and include this in your regular diet. You can dry this in the sun then powder it and include it in your daily intake. You should also eat plenty of oats. Eat bananas and ensure hat your daily schedule includes time for exercise.

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