I have acute problem of hair-loss & dandruff.when i get up from my chair there are hairs around,when I take my finger through my hairs there is a bunch of hairs in my hand.

You have not stated your sex or your age - these details are important in treating your problem because men and women usually lose hair under different conditions. Also, your age matters because some hair loss is normal as a person grows older. You should isolate the cause of your hair loss in consultation with a trichologist. There are some simple remedies that you use at home to control your hair loss. Ensure that you do not use a very strong shampoo and that you do not use very hot water while washing your hair. You should mix an equal quantity of warm almond oil and castor oil and massage this into your scalp at least once a week. Massaging your scalp after a bath is beneficial for invigorating your sebaceous glands and encouraging blood circulation.

You can also apply a mixture of aloe vera and triphala on your scalp to promote hair growth. Finally, healthy hair depends upon a healthy diet - make sure that you are not deficient in vital nutrients such as grains, vegetables, fruits, and milk. Your dandruff may be caused due to the same reasons as your hair loss - stress, bad nutrition, and harsh shampoos. You can boil the roots and tops of beets in water and apply the water into your scalp. You can also use the juice of the snake gourd to treat dandruff.

answered by G R

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