Lesions at the bottom of lung

The size and age of the lesion would be very significant in determining the exact nature of the problem you have in this case. Lung lesions can be a manifestation of many things from smoking to lung cancer. But in order to make any definitive diagnosis, you would need a complete medical examination. Do remember that lung cancer is one of the deadliest kinds of cancer because it does not really have any obvious signs and symptoms. If there are signs, they typically show up only by the time it is too late to do anything about the situation.

Always remember that the smallest sign of any problem with the lungs should be well and thoroughly checked out for this reason alone. If you do indeed have lung cancer, there is only one way of beating it and that is timely treatment, which is only possible if you manage to get a handle on the disease early on. In all likelihood, you would have to have a lung biopsy performed to see if your lesion is a tumor, and if it is, whether it is malignant or not. Do keep in mind that all lesions are not tumors, so do not panic. Instead, go for a proper medical examination and determine your problem. The only advice that would be suitable for you is to not waste any time at all.

answered by G M

A lesion is a serious health problem, particularly on a lung. Lesions are basically abnormal tissue, and can be caused by disease or by trauma to the tissue. Lesions can occur on almost any part of the body, both internally and externally. The word covers a wide variety of problems, ranging from ulcers and boils to arthritis and cancer, and even the damaged tissue surrounding a tumor. In the case of a lesion on the lung however, the condition is more dangerous, as there is a risk of the lesion being a malignant tumor. There are other serious diseases that can cause lesions to develop too, such as tuberculosis. You have not mentioned how the lesion on the bottom of your lung was detected — were you already suffering from some disease and being treated for it, or have you recently been experiencing symptoms that your doctor was investigating, in the course of which the lesion was found?

The only possible answer to your question is that the situation is serious and you should follow up with your doctor promptly, in order to diagnose the exact problem and begin the necessary treatment. Diagnosis is not possible in this forum, and without knowing exactly what the lesion is, it is impossible to recommend any treatment.

answered by M W

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