What is best to use on gangrene open sores?

Gangrene is term used to describe the death of tissue in any part of the body. Gangrene usually occurs when the blood supply to the affected areas is cut off. This is usually caused by a serious injury, damage to blood vessels, diabetes, surgery or a compromised immune system.

At times, open sores on the skin may turn gangrenous if healing is delayed. This most often occurs in the cases of diabetics whose blood sugar levels are very high. Gangrene most often occurs in the extremities which include the fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms and legs. It may initially start off as a bacterial infection or a case of frostbite that results a wound. Other factors such as blood vessel disease, diabetes, alcohol abuse and smoking may delay the healing of the wound which then turns necrotic.

The treatment for gangrene should only be undertaken by an experienced health care professional. Treatment options usually include:

  • Amputation of the gangrenous portion of the body
  • Emergency surgery to remove internal dead tissue
  • Surgery to improve the flow of blood to the affected region
  • Antibiotics to treat infection
  • Debridement of the dead tissue
In severe cases, hospitalization in an intensive care unit may be required.

Home remedies for the treatment of gangrene using herbal products should only be attempted after consulting your doctor. This is because of the dangers associated with gangrene which can often lead to a loss of a limb and even death.

The herbs that may help in case of open sores that are in danger of turning gangrenous include:

  • Bromelain and Turmeric: These help to reduce swelling and infection
  • Echinacea: This herb helps boost your body’s immune system
  • Olive leaf: May help to fight infections
Special mention needs to be made of the herb Butcher’s broom. The herb grows in various parts of Europe and Asia and has been used by herbalists to treat gangrene as well as other circulatory disorders and conditions such as leg cramps, lymphedema and varicose veins. The herb is renowned for its ability to improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

Once again it needs to be stressed that if you have gangrene or open sores that do not heal, then you should consult a medical professional before attempting any remedies at home. If not treated properly, gangrene can lead to loss of both limb and life.

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answered by M W

Open sores -

1.Just use a good antiseptic and keep the part of gangrene clean and dry .

2.Apply a  solution of turmeric and black cumin oil over it.

3.Keep the part out and open to sun light and let it dry naturally .

answered by D M K

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