Treatment for non itchy dark spots under arms

In a day and age when a person is judged to excessive degrees on the way they look, having a set of dark underarms can be a source of great mental stress for a number of people. No matter how great your overall look is, if you raise your arms to show a set of dark patches underneath, your social standing is likely to plummet at a dizzying rate. To understand the high regard that even toned skin is held in today, all you need to do is walk into any supermarket or medical store anywhere in the world and you will be confronted by a stack of beauty products that will promise to change your appearance overnight. As a result of the high availability of these products, most people do not expect you to have any excuses when it comes to improving your looks. If the condition is considerably affecting you, it is essential that you understand the underlying cause, so as to prevent the worsening of the condition. Most often, dark underarms are caused as a result of the constant friction when an individual chooses to wear tight blouses and tops that then to brush against the skin, causing significant damage to the upper layers and a gradual darkening of its color. Excessive sweating and infections due to the improper washing of your underarms are also significant contributors to this condition. While shaving of the armpits and the use of chemical based deodorants have also been known to cause dark underarms.

Exfoliation of the skin around your underarms will go a long way in reducing this type of discoloration. Regularly exfoliating the skin in these areas will remove the dead skin cells that cling to the upper layers of the skin, thus preventing the prominence of the lighter colored new skin cells. You could also try applying a mixture of lemon and cucumber juice, combined in equal amounts, with 1/8 teaspoon of turmeric powder. Leave the mixture on your underarms for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. The use of baking soda has also been known to help considerably with this condition. Regularly apply some baking soda to your armpits every time you take a bath. You should also avoid shaving your armpits and switching to waxing as this will remove the hair from the root as well as significantly exfoliate the skin in this area. You should also switch to anti fungal talcum powder instead of deodorants and anti-per spirants.

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Natural Cure for Dark Spots under Arms

There are many natural cures and home remedies for getting rid of the dark spots present under arms. Read on for some of the natural cure home remedies for dark spots under arms:

  1. Rub lemon slices on armpits to remove the spots or the dark areas underarms.
  2. Try replacing your deodorant with alum powder.
  3. After shower, rub some baking soda on your armpits.
  4. You can also apply vitamin E oil on the spots.
  5. Regularly wash your underarms with coconut oil.
  6. Prepare a mixture of one tbsp curd, one tsp. gram flour, pinch of turmeric and one tsp milk. Make a paste of this mixture and apply it under your arms.
  7. You can also try a paste of rose water and sandalwood powder under your arms. Wash the paste only after it dries.
  8. Mix 1 tsp of limejuice, 1 tsp of cucumber juice and a pinch of turmeric powder. This also proves to be beneficial for removing dark spots under your arms.
  9. Make more use of anti-fungal powder.
  10. Avoid shaving your underarms rather use wax to remove the unwanted hair.
  11. Application of baking soda and water also works to remove dark area under arms.

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