How get rid of poison ivy rash. Any suggestion

The allergic reactions in the body are caused by urushiol which is the active oil component of the plant poison ivy.

  • Wash the skin immediately with soap and water after contact with the plant as this will leave less time for urushiol to act.
  • Apply aloe vera juice on the area of rash; this will act as a coolant providing instant relief.
  • Warm water compress when applied around the area of allergy will help in inflammation.
  • To get relief from itching rub inner side of a banana peel on the rash.  
  • Remember the following points to avoid a rash from poison ivy plant in future-
  • To avoid further spreading of the allergen wash the garden tools and clothes properly before getting them in the house,
  • Learning to identify the poison ivy plant and avoiding any contact with it is very important to avoid a rash.
  • Wear full sleeves clothes while wandering in woods, and avoid your pets to wander in the woods, as they might get urushiol along with them on their furs.  

If the redness and inflammation gets severe contact a specialist to avoid any further complications.

answered by S P

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