How to Treat Canker Sores on Gums, Lips and Tongue?

Cranky as its name sounds, canker sores are those painful rather annoying sores that form in your mouth and make it a point to make your life miserable. Canker sores are often red and might be covered by a white coating. They can appear anywhere on the inner portion of your lips or under your tongue. They can also stay put on your gums or on the inner portion of your cheeks. No one is immune to canker sores. They can make life nasty for anyone. However, it should be noted that teenagers and people in their twenties are more likely to complain of these sores. Women are also said to be more susceptible to canker sores. In fact, it has been observed that menstrual periods do trigger off the appearance of these sores.

Apart from this, food allergies are said to be another source of such sores. Stress and poor nutrition have also been identified as the reasons why canker sores appear. Usually canker sores disappear in a week or two without any specific treatment. However, if the case is quite severe, you can resort to rinsing your mouth with salt water. Such a treatment has been known to bring relief. In addition, you can apply a paste consisting of alum and slippery elm powder directly on the sores. Also, alter your diet so that it contains considerable quantities of nutrients such as vitamin B-6, B-12, and zinc. These help heal the canker sores.

answered by G R

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