how do get rid of vaginal discharge?

Vaginal discharge is a common ailment suffered by every woman, after puberty. The intensity of discharge and the components present, play a vital role in evaluating the degree of the underlying problem or disease. Leucorrhoea is secretion of white discharge in an excessive manner and is also referred to as 'white discharge'. It is commonly seen in anemic and weak women. Discharges are basically the secretions by the vagina, secreted after the cleansing of the vagina. They also act as lubricants and helps in safeguarding the vagina from infection. Harmless bacteria, which are inhabitants of the vagina, react with the endometrial and cervical glands, resulting in discharge. This is said to be abnormal, when itching and odor occurs. Abnormal discharge is yellowish or greenish in color. In severe conditions, they are brown or rust color. The area becomes red and results in irritation. Washing the private parts with anti bacterial soaps and keeping them clean is essential. Barks of fig and banyan are effective remedies and used for douching. A decoction of horse gram water is helpful. Mixing shelled tamarind seed in milk and applying the same is an effective remedy. Alum water is an equally effective way of cleaning the vaginal regions. Avoid scratching the vaginal area, as it might be contagious. Avoid nylon under garments. Wash the area often and maintain a stress free life. Wiping the area clean, after bowels, also prove beneficial. Hot, spicy and fermented foods are better avoided.

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