I think I have jock itch. Can a female have jock itch? Also, I have chaffing under bra (it keeps growing back) and under my arm pits. Can one cream do for all three areas? I need something bought over the counter.

A jock itch is usually experienced by men, but there are occasions where women have been affected by an underwear rash. This most often comes from an evident urinary infection, or a probable yeast infection. There are also occasions where the undergarment used is not suitable and this leads to itchiness and chaffing. Similarly, chaffing of the area under the bra could be caused by undergarments that are not suitable. On a personal note you could take the following measures:

  • Always ensure that you have bought the right kind of underwear that allows proper ventilation.
  • Be sure to have your underwear laundered on a frequent basis so that your body is free from rashes and discomfort caused by dirty underwear.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, share your personal undergarments with other people. They may carry infections that will be passed on to you through your personal clothing.
  • Skin conditions, such as chaffing may be alleviated by the use of personal care products. Be sure to check what these lotions are for, before attempting to use them to get rid of the discomfort being experienced.
  • At night, it is safe to sleep without underwear, thereby allowing your body freedom from the garments that are present all day. This allows ventilation of the genitals and will help in reducing the occurrence of rashes that cause great discomfort.
  • Check to see whether you are experiencing some sort of reaction to the fabric of your undergarments. Certain people have extremely sensitive skin that reacts to certain kinds of fabrics.
  • Over the counter medications may be of help, but it is essential that you check with your medical practitioner before using any of these medicated ointments and gels. Trying to use a skin ointment could have adverse results if it is not meant to serve your purpose.

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