Can you use rubbing alcohol to treat jock itch?

Jock itch is basically a fungal infection of the groin. Most fungi like warm, humid and dark areas to live in. With constant exercise the jock strap gets filled with large amounts of water, salt and exfoliated skin cells which are ideal for the fungi to survive on the result, a fungal infection which does not seem to go away. There might be sever itching and a rash as well.

But the common treatment seems to be alcohol applied daily early in the morning. Use pre moistened alcohol facial wipes to wipe down the infested area but please be aware that although alcohol will contain the infection, it will not treat it. So if you prefer the alcohol wipes you will have to do this every day. The other alternative is to get a good topical antifungal cream and antifungal tablets from your doctor for a permanent solution to the problem.

Please follow the following precaution to prevent getting the infection again.

  • Wash your jock strap daily.
  • Apply a local anti-fungal cream just in case.
  • Apply a liberal amount of talcum powder to remove the moisture.

answered by A S

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