How do you wash hands after handling jalapeno and hot red peppers?

Although hot peppers were not always an integral part of many cuisines, today, the regular ingredients of our kitchen have also undergone a major change to become more global. Hot peppers are famous for adding that extra kick to many dishes, and a lot of people prefer to add these spicy peppers to their food. There are a variety of peppers from all over the world present at your local grocery shops, and it is very difficult to stop yourself from trying out the new flavors. All peppers are of different colors, shapes, and sizes; however, they all have one thing in common-heat index. A pepper is hot and can burn your skin when you begin to work with them. This heat of each pepper is measured by what is known as the heat index.

Jalapenos or red peppers, whether they are fresh or canned in a vinegar solution, are hot and should be handled carefully. Too many people have burnt themselves handling these hot peppers, and unfortunately, the burning doesn't go away from simply washing with soap and water. More often than not, the burning continues for hours, and the burning sensation can spread to any area of the skin touched by the affected hand. Therefore, it is all the more important to be careful when you work with hot peppers.

Usually, people burn themselves when they are seeding a pepper. The maximum heat of a pepper is inside the skin, around the seeds. When you are seeding or scooping a pepper, it is important to do so carefully. The veins of the pepper, to which the seeds are attached, are often the trickiest part. The oils present in these veins can cause irritation and burning. Therefore, when you are seeding the peppers, wear plastic or rubber gloves just so you do not end up hurting yourself.

Clean out the peppers using a paring knife or a melon baller. It is simpler to just scoop out the seeds and the veins using the melon baller because you do not get in contact with the parts of the pepper that could burn you.

Never rub your eyes or any other part of your body immediately after you have finished working with peppers. water doesn't usually work so if you are unfortunate enough to burn your fingers because of the pepper, smear some yogurt on the affected skin. This will help soothe the burning sensation. Rubbing alcohol is also considered a great remedy for pepper burns. Try applying some rubbing alcohol with a piece of cotton. Soaking your skin in milk can also help. However, you will have to repeatedly soak your skin in milk because the burning sensation usually returns quite quickly.

answered by M W

  1. Wash hands in cold tap water or dip in cold milk.
  2. You can apply honey for 10 minutes and then wash with tap water.
  3. Olive or Black cumin oil application and then normal wash will give good results.

answered by D M K

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