How do you get the sting out of your hands after handling jalapenos by using natural cures?

A jalapeno sting can be quite painful and can sting a fair amount. There are various remedies one can use to help them in getting rid of this jalapeno sting. One of the easiest and most effective remedy is to first try rubbing a bit of lemon on the skin that is stinging. One can also try exposing that area of the skin that is burning with some kind of citrus juice if the lemon juice is not available. One should take precautionary methods while handling the jalapenos by using some kind of gloves. Normally plain rubber gloves would prove to be quite beneficial in handling this case. When one is cutting the jalapenos and feels the sting one should immediately immerse one’s hands in some cooling water or in some water with ice in it for instant relief. This will help in taking the sting off. However, this would only give you a temporary relief. You could even try immersing your hands in some rose water to provide a cooling effect. Another helpful remedy in providing some relief to one’s hands is to try and apply some olive oil on the affected areas. Olive oil has various healing and soothing properties. This can provide benefits in many ways to one’s hands.

When applying olive oil on to the affected area, one should leave it on for a few hours. If the burning has not reduced then one can try applying some aloe vera gel or aloe vera pulp on the affected area. This helps in reducing the burning sensation. Try applying some milk or even some milk cream on to the affected area. One can try to chill the milk for a while and then proceed to apply it all over the stinging skin. Chilled cream is also helpful in soothing the burn or sting. Even clarified butter is very useful in taking of the edge of the sting. Try also applying some over ripe bananas that have been mashed in to pulp and then applied in a mask all over the stinging area. Try also mixing together some sandalwood powder along with some rose water and then applying this paste too. This is also in general very useful for the hands and can keep the hand skin soft and supple and also well nourished. Try and avoid using any kind of pepper powder or any chili powder on one’s skin. This would cause the skin to burn even more.

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You can try rubbing a lemon or lime on your fingers and expose the burning region to the citrus juice. In the future, try wearing gloves when you cut the jalapenos.

answered by Dr C M N

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