My 3 year old daughter had almost 2nd degree scalding due to hot milk on the leg. How do I bring the skin back to original color and texture?

There are a number of treatment options to opt for, when dealing with scalds caused by hot liquids. Numerous different dressings are currently available in the markets that are useful in addressing burns and scalds. However a single treatment may not work better than the others, nor is there a universal treatment for curing scalds. However the most significant thing to do is to keep the wound clean by running the wound under clean cold water. The scald, if not very serous, can be easily treated at home with a sterile dressing.

Some things to do in order to fix the damage when a scald or burn is received:

  • Do not apply any cream or topical application on the wound.
  • Pick out a clean and sterile dressing that does not stick to the skin, hence avoid the use of absorbent cotton or any such fibrous material.

It is believed that alginate bandages or dressings absorb any fluid that escapes out of the burn. These kinds of dressings are equipped with medicinal gel that and forms a layer on top of the wound. Such dressings are useful when the wound starts to leak out pus and fluid from the burn and can protect the wound from bacterial infection and accidental friction. More importantly, gel based dressings help in keeping the wound area clean, damp and warm, which are ideal conditions for faster healing.

Certain kinds of dressings that appear similar to cling-film are helpful as they are not only water-resistant, germ-proof but also transparent.

In a couple of studies it was revealed that clear film dressings were as good as paraffin gauze and took approximately ten days to heal completely.

Your doctor may also recommend foam dressings that work similarly to alginate dressings. Foam dressings can prevent the leakage of fluids emitting from the wound and can soak up any fluid leaks escaping from the wound. In cases the burn is severe and causing the child much pain and discomfort, it is strongly advised to immediately get hold of emergency medical assistance. One must refrain from applying creams, ointments or topical application to intense burns. The blister that forms after the scald must not be interfered with and care must be taken to prevent the friction of the blister. Do not attempt at bursting open blisters caused by burns or scalds as it can aggravate the loss of fluid than is necessary, thus making the skin more inclined to secondary infection.

answered by G M

Treatment for scalding -

If it is a recent case of scalding just apply black pure honey cream on the burnt area and let it stay for 8 hours daily then wipe and wash with any antiseptic solution and then wipe again gently with a soft cotton cloth to make it dry and clean.

You can start with a homeopathic remedy called as Causticum 30 5 pills daily morning and night twice for 15 days .Then wait and watch for 1 month after stopping the remedy .

answered by D M K

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