How to treat a 2nd degree burn?

  • Soak a cloth in cotton in milk and keep it over the burn or directly apply milk on the burn. The fat present in the milk soothes the skin and accelerates healing.
  • Clean the burn with an antiseptic lotion and lukewarm water or hydrogen peroxide. Sponge it with a washcloth and keep it covered with a gauze pad. Apply antibiotic ointments to the burns and prevent them from getting injured.
  • Do not use very cold water for getting relief from burning but use tap water as a temporary measure.
  • Try to keep the burn area above the level of your heart to reduce the sting.
  • After 2 or 3 days, you can directly apply Aloe Vera gel to the burns at least 5 times a day. It helps in quick healing of the burns.
  • Eat lots of broccoli, citrus fruits and potatoes as they are rich sources of vitamin C which fosters healing.
  • Eat cereals, nuts, fruits and green vegetables as they provide vitamins A and E. You can also rub the liquid of vitamin E capsule on the burns once the healing has started, as this may prevent scarring.
  • For a healthier skin, eat foods like oysters, low fat dairy products, wheat germ and crab meat which are rich in zinc.

answered by D D

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