Cures for Brown Spots on Face, Arms & Hands: I am sixty two years old and have brown spots on my face, arms & hands, how to get rid of them.

Brown spots are very common in people over the age of 55. They develop mostly due to the over-exposure of skin to the sun over a long period of time. Brown spots are basically harmless and don't inflict any kind of pain. They, however, do affect your appearance. To be on the safe side, it would be a good idea to consult a dermatologist to rule out the rare possibility that these are not brown spots but the beginnings of skin cancer. Since brown spots are caused due to exposure to the sun, the first order of the day is to start applying sunscreen lotion regularly to prevent further brown spots from developing. This means that you now need to apply sunscreen not only during summer but also during winter, basically throughout the year. Ideally, you should apply sunscreen at least half an hour before you go out. Also, make it a point to reapply it at regular intervals throughout the day. The other precaution that you can take is to wear clothes that will prevent your skin from coming into direct contact with the sun.

As for the brown spots that are already there, please remember that removing them completely will totally depend on how long you have had them. Keeping that in mind, you can start working on them by regularly applying yogurt. You can either use plain yogurt or else you can add lime juice to it. As lime has properties that work effectively as a bleach, adding lime helps to reduce the spots faster. And if you add a pinch or two of turmeric powder to it, it will help to tone your skin. Another thing that you must make it a point to apply, at night if possible, is castor oil. It works wonders on brown spots. Fruits like orange and tomatoes too have bleaching properties. Mash either one of them, (don't use them together) add aloe vera gel to it, and gently rub the pulp into your skin for around 10-15 minutes. Combined with aloe vera, it will work wonders. You will also need to exfoliate your skin at least once a week. For this, you can mix sugar crystals with either olive oil or castor oil and gently rub it over your skin till the crystals dissolve completely. The sugar crystals will help to remove the dead skin and the oil will make sure your skin does not become dry.

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Your spots are probably age spots, age spots (also called liver spots or solar lentigo) are collections of pigment caused by exposure to the sun. They also sometimes result from bruising that leaves blood pigments behind. They are most common in people over age 55. The spots commonly appear on the hands but can occur almost anywhere you have sun-exposed areas such as the face, back, arms, feet, shoulders and face. To deminish the apperance of age spots, apply vitamin E oil directly to age spots daily and this will help reduce the coloration of the age spots.

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The brown spots could be anything from freckles or moles or even tinea versicolor. You have to first identify what they are. If these spots are freckles, here is an article you can read to find out preventive measures and natural home treatments or freckles remedies. If these spots are moles, mix castor oil and baking soda to make a paste. Soak a gauze with this paste and tape it over the mole and leave overnight. If you are unable to identify what these brown spots are, consult a dermatologist (skin specialist).

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