I get brown patches on my hands, legs, Please advice me any home remedy?

Brown spots generally occur on the skin when it is exposed to sun for long duration without any protection. Besides this brown spots can also occur because of certain harsh chemicals in cosmetics, hormonal imbalance or stress and trauma. If the spots on your hands and legs are due to sun exposure then there are several remedies that you can try to get rid of them. But if the brown spots are caused due to a hormonal imbalance then you would need to see a doctor and get medical treatment. If they are because of stress and or trauma then you need to start doing things that would alleviate your stress and keep you calm and peaceful. You may start by practicing basic yoga. Do breathing exercises daily or go for long walks in the morning or evening. Listen to your favorite music tracks and dance if you like. It would be a fun way to workout and it would also greatly reduce your stress besides keeping you healthy and in a great shape. If the brown spots on your skin are because of constant exposure to the sun then you may try the following home remedies:

  • Take a fresh leaf of aloe vera and wash it with clean water. Slit it lengthwise and spoon out the clear gel from it. Apply this gel directly on the spots and massage it into your skin. Aloe vera is great for reducing spots and toning your skin. Do this daily at least two times a day. If you can't find the fresh leaf then you may use the packaged gel available in the market at health stores. Just make sure that it is pure organic aloe vera gel.
  • Besides this you can also try mixing aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil in equal quantities if you have a dry skin. Massage the affected area with this twice daily. This will deeply moisturize and nourish your skin and make it clear and healthy.
  • Apply some freshly squeezed lemon juice directly on the brown spots. Lemon juice is powerful natural bleach and will help to fade your brown spots quickly.
  • Always use a sun block cream or gel when you go out in the sun. Carry an umbrella with you and limit your exposure to the sun. This will help greatly in reducing the spots.
  • Rub watermelon peel directly on the age spots. Watermelon peel is beneficial to treat spots and hydrate the skin.

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