Treatment for menstrual cramps

how to stop menstrual cramps

Treatment for menstrual cramps

Some women suffer terrible cramps when they get their menstrual period. Although the cramps associated with your menstrual cycle don't stay for long they can really make you writhe in pain, forcing you to change your programs and put everything on hold. Most women suffer from menstrual cramps for only a few hours, so if you continue to experience severe pain for over a day, then you should visit your doctor.

If you want to avoid suffering every month, then inaugurate an exercise schedule. Ensure that you walk every day since this can reduce cramps by increasing the blood circulation. However your walk will do you no good if you are under duress even as you walk. You should learn a few relaxation techniques since these will go a long way towards ensuring that you do not suffer from menstrual cramps. Always ensure that you are warmly covered if you are out walking in the cold. Using a heating pad or an old fashioned hot water bottle will help you ease the discomfort in your back or abdomen. Drink plenty of milk every day since this contains calcium which can help you maintain the muscle tone. Try to include vegetables, tofu, whole wheat and beans in your daily diet.

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