my 14 year old suffers with severe cramps every month, to the point that she misses 1-2 days of school every month.what can I do for her?

Two remedies are offered for your 14 year old daughter.

  1. Take fresh aloe vera leaf, which has reddish spots on its concave side. Cut 2 inches length of the leaf and remove the gel inside the leaf. Add 2-3 pinches of saindhav salt and 3 pinches turmeric powder. Mix well and let her eat this gel first thing empty stomach every morning for 3 months. You will note that not only the regularity and flow will improve, but the cramps and pain will reduce.
  2. For those who can't get the fresh plant or leaf, they can use Kumari Asav, an ayurvedic medicine in liquid form. 10 ml with equal water to be taken after lunch and dinner. This will be available online from ayurvedic pharmacies.
  3. If Kumari Aasav is difficult to get, mix 1 tsp sesame seeds with jaggery and eat everyday at breakfast time for 3 months.

The problem of cramp occurs due to reduced hemoglobin as well as liver deficiency. The above approaches will take care of both these possibilities.

answered by S B

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