Causes of burning stools

A burning sensation while passing stools can occur due to many different digestive conditions. You could be suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS, hemorrhoids, gall bladder stones or even anal fissures.

In each of these conditions, the body reacts violently while passing out stools. Let's look at some of main causes.

  • IBS tends to be a chronic condition. Most people with IBS have triggers that lead to excessive and forceful stools. It is also common to feel a burning sensation while passing those stools. That sensation usually irritates the rectum. Loose stools can also cause that burning sensation. The loose stools can irritate the skin of the anus and the rectum.
  • If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, then passing stools will definitely irritate and burn. Hemorrhoids are inflamed veins at the anus, either internal or external. When you pass stools, these hemorrhoids usually get compressed and cause pain or a burning sensation. Occasionally you might even notice blood in your stools or on the toilet seat.
  • Gall bladder stones can also cause a burning sensation. These stones increase the quantity of bile that is generated in your body. Therefore, when you pass stools, it’s usually this yellow bile which can also cause a burning sensation.
  • Anal fissures are yet another cause for the burning sensations while passing stools. An anal fissure is an injury in your anus and this injury takes longer to heal because of its position. Therefore every time you pass stools, these anal fissures will cause pain.
If it’s been 6 months since you have been experiencing pain and it has still not healed or reduced, you need to seek a doctor’s opinion on what is causing the problem. Typical home remedies to reduce pain and heal the problem can be tried. That is, of course, assuming you know what is causing the problem.

  • You can apply lidocain gel or ointments that contain zinc to reduce the burning sensation before you pass stools.
  • Diaper rash ointments can also help relieve the burn.
  • Sitz baths can also help relieve the pain and discomfort.
  • Include more fibre in your diet – fruits, vegetables, whole grain – all can help reduce this burning sensation.
  • Drinking more water also helps. Hydration is a good way to keep your stools regular.
These home remedies are general guidelines. It is important to know what is wrong with you before trying home remedies.



answered by G M

Causes of burning stools-

  • The main cause being constipated bowels, there may be fissures in the anal canal or in the perineal region.
  • There can an ulcer in the colon as in ulcerative colitis.
  • Spicy food and red meat may lead to intense burning during passage of stools.
  • Even sometimes a fistulous formation or an haemorrhoid can cause burning and pricking pain.

answered by D M K

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