What home remedy can I use for mites?

It may be difficult to completely eliminate or get rid of house mites, but some simple natural home remedies may substantially reduce their occurrence.

  • Wash Bedding Regularly

Mites thrive in warm, dark and humid conditions, hence bed covers, pillowcases, blankets and sheets form an ideal habitat for them to grow. Additionally, they feed on human dead skin which may get on to the bedding. Hence it is advisable to your wash bedding at least once a week.

Since mites cannot bear very hot temperatures, wash all bedding items at 130-140 degree Fahrenheit. Items which cannot be washed in hot water can be tumbled dried for at least 20 minutes at a temperature of 130 degree Fahrenheit or above. Non-washable beddings can be frozen for at least 24 hours to kill mites.

  • Avoid using Feather Pillows and Duvets

Feather pillows and cozy duvets are difficult to wash; hence they form an ideal environment for mites to live in. Instead, use hypoallergenic synthetic pillows and duvets, which can be washed at 130-140 degree Fahrenheit.

Also, use an allergen-proof bed cover for mattresses, as they prevent dust mites from settling in or coming out of the mattress.

  • Give your Bedding, Time to Air in the Morning

In the mornings bedding may be moist from the moisture emitted from the human body and mites love moisture. They absorb moisture from the air. Reduce moisture by giving your bed covers, blankets and sheets a thorough airing every morning.

  • Indoor Climate Control

Temperature between 75 and 80 degree Fahrenheit is ideal for mites. Set house temperature at 70 or below.

Also, monitor the humidity in your house with the help of an electronic humidity monitor, and try and maintain relative humidity at less than 50%.

These measures may not kill mites but it can curb breeding.

  • Reduce Clutter and keep Environment Clean and Dust Free

The best way to keep mites at bay is to prevent them from finding an ideal environment for themselves. This can be done by keeping the house uncluttered and dust free. For example - choose washable plush toys, avoid bedding that attract dust, always dust furniture and flooring with a damp mop, vacuum carpets and upholstery regularly, avoid cluttering the room with knickknacks, books, magazines and newspapers and if possible swap wall-to-wall carpeting in the bedroom with hard flooring.


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Mites on pets are a common problem in all household. They are seen located on the interiors of the pet's ear. Cleaning the inner ear is essential, though ear swabs are not preferred. Ear drops are recommended, under the guidance of the physician.

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