Please suggest a cure for Chiggers

Chiggers are harvest mites that attach themselves to humans and then feed on their blood or skin. This is what causes the itching sensation. These mites are the relatives of ticks and are an orange hue in color. If you have been bitten by a harvest mite the best thing you can do is to take a shower. After which, you should apply and anti-itch cream and then consult your doctor so that he can prescribe a prescription strength cream. The bites that come from chiggers often have a white or red spot in the center. There is a common misconception that the chigger actually lives in the skin, this is not true. The high level of itching ca be attributed to the either the allergic reaction caused by their saliva or due to something that is known as stylostome and comes from the tick itself. This stylostome irritates the body until the body's immune system takes care of it.

In order to avoid chiggers you will have to keep a few pointers on mind that can help save you from a lot of trouble. Avoid wearing clothing that is very loose; do not wear sandals without socks. Instead of wearing very loose clothing try wearing long pants that are made of light natural material. If you really want to you can also tuck your pant legs into onto your shoes to make sure that you don't get any bites. You can also make use of an insect repellent to kill chiggers. Or use an insect repellent cream on your ankles and wrists or any of the exposed areas. If you have a serious infection it is advisable to seek medical advice or treatment. The best way to avoid chiggers is to try and stay away from very bushy areas and stick to the normal path instead.

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