Please give some natural cure for Scabies Mites

Home remedies for scabies mites -

  • Cleansing with apple cider vinegar by painting it on the skin infested with the scabies mites is helpful. Leave it for 2-5 hours. Then wash with a turmeric water solution and wipe it with a soft cotton cloth. Please do not rub hard while wiping.
  • Take homeopathic remedy called Mezerium 30 5 pills once at bed time for 4 nights. Then just wait and watch for 10 days.
  • After 10 days begin with another Homeopathic remedy called Sulphur 30 once at bed time for 4 nights. Then stop all the medicines and watch for 15 days.
  • Apply a pomade of sulphur available at homeopathic pharmacies. Apply all over the affected area every night.

answered by D M K

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