I don't have that much pimple's but skin is too much oily. How to control it.

Before trying to treat oily skin one should first understand that oily skin is skin which is observed as dull, shiny and thick. In fact skin that is known to be chronically oily is also found to have a lot of pimple and blemishes on account of the clogged pores as well as being prone to blackheads. The oily skin solutions also depend on knowing what causes for the oily skin which may be on account of hormone levels, diet, heredity, cosmetics being used, usage of birth control pills, hot weather and also humidity. One of the home remedies to know how to treat oily skin or even how to stop oily skin altogether is to wash ones face thrice a day with some mild soap and warm water. Warm water is beneficial because it is known to be more effective than cold water in dissolving and consequently washing away the skin oil.

Another way to know how to control oily skin is to exercise on a regular basis as exercising tends to boost ones levels of blood circulation, unclog the pores and also minimizes the frequency of acne outbreaks. One of the oily skin remedies which is also beneficial for oily skin pimples is to apply a clay or mud mask to ones face at least three times during a week. Those who have sensitive skin should opt for the rose- colored clay rather than dark clay which is more absorbent.
Astringent is also commonly used as one of the cleansers for oily skin as it contains acetone. Another one of the natural oily skin solutions is to rub some witch hazel and alcohol that are known to be just as effective. In order to know how to prevent oily skin one should ensure that they always use only water based cosmetic products as oil based cosmetic products tend to increase the amount of oil on the facial skin. Those women who have pimples or acne on account of oily skin and are using birth control pills can also try and change the brand or the type of the pill they are using to check if there is any difference in the production of oil. This is essential because hormones also tend to play a very important role towards oily skin. Hence many a times individuals who are pregnant or going through puberty tend to observe excessively oily skin and are also more prone to pimples and other such skin blemishes. Another one of the ways to prevent oily skin is to avoid stimulating the facial skin excessively by using exfoliators as they tend to stimulate the production of oil. Factors such as severe sunburns or even constantly picking at or rubbing your skin may also result in over stimulation of the skin. There are also plenty of natural oily skin remedies such as applying a thin layer of toothpaste on ones skin and allowing it to remain till it dries up completely. Thereafter one should gently wash the toothpaste off with some warm water.

Oily skin solutions also include preparing masks using green clay which is also known as betonite. The green clay mass is known to be highly beneficial in absorbing excess toxins, sebum and dirt from the deep pores of the skin. In fact green clay is very effective against oily skin as it helps in deeply cleansing the skin and also tends to stabilize the production of sebum. In order to control oily skin one may also use any antiseptic day cream before applying makeup. This is beneficial because the active ingredients in the cream will help in minimizing the sebaceous secretions. Oily skin and pimples are related and therefore one would need to treat the skin in order to get rid of the pimples. If your skin does not seem to get better with the use of home remedies, you could consult a skin specialist who would trace the root cause of the problem and treat it effectively.

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