How do I cure naturally anal fissures?

The anus is the bottom end of the human digestive system. It is the opening between the buttocks which is used to dispose of fecal matter. The process of digestion involves the breakdown of food in the stomach using acids and enzymes. The broken down food then passes through the intestinal system where useful nutrients are absorbed. The unused food then reaches the rectum from where it is disposed of. The anus itself is an opening that is stretchable. This is designed to allow large pieces of fecal matter to be removed from the body. The anus is usually lubricated to allow the movement of fecal matter out of the body.

An anal fissure is simply a tear in the lining of the anus. This condition can cause considerable pain and discomfort to the individual. Furthermore, an anal tear can cause bleeding to occur during defecation and even when the individual is not defecating. In some cases, anal fissures may lead to infections developing in the area because of the exposure of blood to waste matter.

Another problem associated with the anus is a condition known as hemorrhoids. hemorrhoids are characterized by swollen blood vessels in the anus and rectum. Both anal fissures and hemorrhoids are related to situations where the individual strains to defecate. Both of them may also be related to diarrhea and other problems that affect the digestive system, especially the lower part of the digestive system. A fissure involves a considerable tear whereas hemorrhoids may bleed through small cuts that occur when the inflamed blood vessels rupture under pressure from the passage of fecal matter. Another factor common between these two conditions is anal intercourse.

Bleeding hemorrhoids treatment involves the consultation of a doctor. Patients who have blood in their stools with accompanied pain should not hesitate to have their condition examined. In some cases, the problem is temporary and related to recent digestive problems. In other cases, hemorrhoids may be a symptom of some serious digestive system disorder which needs to be addressed. Bleeding hemorrhoids treatment may involve the use of creams or even of surgical intervention, particularly if the problem is severe. It is also important to distinguish between hemorrhoids and anal fissures. This is another reason why one might consult with a specialist on the subject. Furthermore, an anal fissures cure may not apply to hemorrhoids and vice-versa.

Individuals can take a few steps to provide hemorrhoid relief at home. One natural cure for hemorrhoids is to take warm baths. This relaxes the inflammation as it causes blood circulation to increase in the area. Increased circulation helps the healing process. Another factor which can be used as a natural cure for hemorrhoids is the diet. An increase in fiber and in fluid intake will help the individual a great deal. This is because the individual's digestive system will run more smoothly. Fiber and water help with the movement of fecal matter through the intestinal system and out of the body. The citrus fruit group is another option touted as a natural cure for hemorrhoids. The content of these fruits is beneficial to the state of blood vessels in the body. This cure should be used by everyone as fruits are good for the body regardless of whether there is a specific improvement in the patient's condition or not. Citrus fruits also contain fiber and this helps tremendously with the process of digestion and defecation.

Any individual suffering from bleeding in the rectum should not be embarrassed about the situation. Proper knowledge about the condition can be sought from a doctor and this will help in the diagnosis and treatment of the condition.

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