I am suffering from anal fissures do you have any recommendations it is now becoming a chronic one because I have had it for 9 weeks now.

  • Increasing the amount of fiber in your diet heals a fissure by preventing constipation. Stools that are soft and easy to pass gently stretch the anus and will not reopen a healing fissure.
  • Eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Fiber supplements such as Citrucel and Metamucil also can add bulk to your diet.
  • Make sure to drink plenty of water or other fluids when you increase fiber in your diet.
  • Stool softeners or laxatives can make bowel movements more comfortable. Ask your health professional how long you should take laxatives.
  • Sitting in a tub filled with a few inches of warm water (sitz bath) for 20 minutes several times a day soothes the torn tissue and helps relax the internal anal sphincter. This promotes healing.
  • You may want to use ointments or creams such as zinc oxide, Preparation H, or Anusol (which includes an anesthetic). However, these preparations are not proven to heal fissures. Some evidence suggests anesthetic creams may delay healing. Creams with hydrocortisone can reduce itching and inflammation.
  • Although some people may be tempted to use a mirror or have a family member examine a fissure, do not separate the buttocks; doing so might slow healing of the fissure.
  • Use baby wipes or medicated pads, such as Tucks, instead of toilet paper to clean after a bowel movement. These products can be less irritating to an anal fissure.

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