Natural Treatment for First Degree Burns

Burns are one of the most common occurrences all over the world and, depending on the intensity, could range from being nothing but a small nuisance to being lethal. Whatever the outcome - there is no disputing that burns cause a substantial amount of pain when they occur. Whether the pain lingers will depend on the factors influencing the damage. While the most common cause for burns is the result of interaction with some kind of fire or flammable substance, there is also the possibility of someone suffering from a burn as a result of the improper handling of certain chemicals. Essentially, any kind of burn will destroy the skin.

One of the most important roles of the skin in the human body is to control the amount of heat that our body retains or releases, while some of the other very significant responsibilities include protecting the body and internal organs from infection as well as holding onto certain fluids. Because there are different intensities of burns, all with their own varying effective treatment methods, burns are classified into groups depending on the amount of damage they have caused. First degree burns are simply a superficial burn that sees the skin being damaged - although still being intact and able to carry out its functions. Second degree burns will see the damage extended beyond the upper layer of the skin and will usually also be characterized by blister development while the skin will lose its ability to function. There are a number of other degrees of burns that continue to get progressively worse. Effective first degree burn treatment relies heavily on the ability to act fast. One could also use home remedies for burns of the first degree.

The first step when treating first degree burns is to remove any clothing from the affected area that has the ability to interfere with the precision required to perform the first degree burn treatment. Given that first degree burns are not very serious, some basic first aid performed in the house should be sufficient, as long as you make it a point to disinfect any objects used in the treatment for first degree burns. Simply holding the burned area under cool running water will help subdue the burning process in about 10 minutes. Avoid using ice or ice water as they are known to actually cause more damage to the burned tissues while the application of peanut butter or oils over the affected area is also not advised as it slows down the healing process of the burn. Chemical burns may need to be treated differently, with some amount of expert supervision. First degree burn treatment is relatively easy and could be carried out at home. However consult a doctor if the burn does not seem to heal.

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