Back Numbness or Tingling

by Sam Malone

Back numbness or tingling can be caused because of serious illness or because of sitting for a long time at one place. Though, there are several serious illness which have back numbness as a symptoms. The most important one is diabetes. People with diabetes are most likely to get back numbness as a result of drop in levels of insulin and high level of sugar in the body.

Another type of disease which has back numbness as one of its symptoms, and that is the lyme disease. This disease is caused by deer tick bites. The disease can be transmitted through direct contact with the person having this disease. It is known as a sexually transmitted disease. It is also congenital, therefore, babies can be affected by this disease through breast milk and mother's placenta. This disease has several stages and can be quite dangerous if not treated in time.

The lyme disease is caused by back legged ticks and not dog ticks, which are relatively harmless. These ticks are not found in urban areas. However, people who often go into forests and woods should protect themselves by wearing light colored full clothing as well as ensuring that none of the body parts are left open for the tick bite. Such people should also use a mosquito or a tick repellent before use.

Back numbness or tingling sensation also can be caused due to burns. Chemical burns or simple burns might end up causing back numbness, or numbness in the area of burns. People with chemical burns should take home care as soon as they start feeling any dizziness or shortness of breath. It would be better to call for help as soon as the accident occurs, since most of the times though chemical burns are not serious in nature it would be better to have a doctor do the check up.

Another reason for back numbness or a tingling feeling can be because of being in one posture for a long period of time. Being in one posture reduces the flow of blood to complete body and therefore, this feeling occurs. It can start from the back as travel down your leg and hands. For people who work in front of the computer this is quite a normal phenomenon, it would do them quite good if they decide to get up once in a while and take a walk or stretch themselves to restore normal blood supply. Changing your posture once in a while too may do the trick for you.

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