Home remedies for mosquito bite

A mosquito bite is normally a raised reddish bump on the skin that causes itching.It can also be slightly painful and irritating if you have a mosquito bite allergy.Mosquito bite treatment may sometimes be necessary if you have a mosquito bite allergy, and there are a number of home remedies for treating mosquito bites. Remember, that if you experience any other symptoms such as headaches, chills, fever, and muscle ache, after a mosquito bite, you must consult a doctor. The following home remedies are for the bite area itself, and not for any of the diseases that can be transmitted through the bite.

  • To ease the itching, simply rub soap on the affected area. You will get immediate relief from the itching. This is one of the simplest and most effective home remedies for mosquito bite relief.
  • You could also take an ice cube and rub it over the mosquito bite for immediate relief. This is remedy is particularly helpful if the bite area is swollen and painful.
  • Cut a clove of garlic into two halves, andrub it over the affected area. This provides immediate relief from the burning and itching.
  • Soak a piece of cotton in calamine solution and apply it on the mosquito bite on your skin. Calamine lotion is very effective in treating rashes and bites on the skin; it has a cooling effect that soothes the area and reduces itching.
  • If your mosquito bite has been bothering you for more than an hour, rub a frozen a banana skin over it. This is a wonderful home remedy for mosquito bite relief.
  • Another great home remedy is to rub a little toothpaste over the affected area as it will help soothe the area.
  • Take a small quantity of baking soda and make a paste by mixing it with water. Apply this paste on the affected area to reduce itching and burning.

If you do not get relief from the itching and burning within a few days, do consult a dermatologist or your health care provider. Also, when it comes to mosquito bites, prevention is always better than cure. To prevent mosquito bites, apply diluted tea tree essential oil before going to bed. You could also use commercially available mosquito repellants in your house. If you are going outside to some park or any such place where there can be plenty of mosquitoes, apply some good mosquito repellant cream on the exposed areas of your body.

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You will probably have so many people having so many remedies for mosquito bites, and the question is: who do you trust? Well, your answer would probably be, 'All of them'.

  • You can dab a little lavender oil on the bite. This will reduce the swelling and also stop the itchiness. The lavender oil is available in a roll-on bottle and is non-greasy and very clean.
  • Another remedy would be by applying a wrapped ice cube once the itching starts.
  • An old folk's remedy would be by eating a slice of marmite toast every morning. Mosquitoes seem to dislike the taste of it.
  • Use a cotton ball soaked in vinegar on the mosquito bite. The smell is very unpleasant, but it stops that itching.
  • Another old folk's remedy is the copper penny. Tape a copper penny to the bite and it is said that the itching stops almost immediately and tomorrow the bite will be gone. What makes this remedy believable is the fact that 59 people agree.
  • White vinegar applied to the mosquito bite and rubbed over with a banana peel stops itching.
  • Baking soda mixed with water to a paste and applied to mosquito bites work great to stop the itchiness.

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