Is there any Solution for Mosquito Bite Itch Relief, Prevention, & Cure?

There are many simple and effective ways to take care of mosquito bites at home. However, it is important to note that if a bite has become infected, that is to say that it is red and swollen after three days, you would need to go to doctor to ensure that you are not infected with any disease. Do remember that mosquitoes transmit several diseases, including dangerous ones such as malaria and dengue. One of the best ways to tackle mosquito bites is to make a solution of a cup of water to which you have added about 10 crushed aspirins. This can be applied to the bites for instant relief and sanitization. This will also ensure that you are not bitten again, as aspirin will act as a natural repellant. Alternately, you can also apply salt water solution to take care of mosquito bites. This will work the same way. Instead of using plain salt, you can also use Epsom salts or baking soda for the same effect. In order to repel mosquitoes further, you can also add a few drops of organic vinegar to this solution.

Another effective remedy which will provide relief is making a water-based solution of camphor and applying this to the bites. Crush a few pieces of camphor and add them to a cup of water. Let this stand for a couple of days and then use. Similarly, it is believed that applying Vicks Vaporub to the bites will also provide soothing relief as well as prevent mosquitoes from attacking further. Calamine lotion is also an excellent remedy for relief from not just mosquito bites, but bites from all other insects as well. In order to save yourself from such things in the future, it is always useful to adopt preventive measures rather than risk getting bitten.

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