How do I stop itching from mosquito bites? No campophanique here.

There are several easy methods you can use to take care of mosquito bites. If you are in a tropical country, like you say you are, then your best bet is to visit the closest pharmacy and pick up the most popular mosquito repellant cream. Local creams are the best things to use as they have been formulated with the weather and local conditions in mind and will work effectively. If you are worried about catching allergies or some such thing, then you should carefully read the ingredient list on the cream container. Check to see if it contains anything you are allergic to. If this solution does not work out for you, then you can try some easy remedial measures at home. One of the best and most effective ones is to have a hot water bath with a strong carbolic soap. This may not smell very pleasant, but it will certainly do the trick of keeping your bite painless. According to popular lore, there are too many things you can apply to your mosquito bites to list here. Since most of them are relatively cheap, what you can do is try a few of them. This way, you can see which one works out best for you.

One of the remedies considered to provide relief from the bites is application of simple toothpaste. It is also believed that toothpaste will act as a mosquito repellant as well. You could try this by applying some to the most easily bitten areas of your body. Rubbing alcohol and ammonia are also considered to be good remedies for healing mosquito bites. They also act as good mosquito repellants. You can also take a hot bath with these products added to your bath water. Among the other products you can add to your bathwater are vinegar, mouthwash, bleach or strongly steeped and brewed tea. These methods will always provide relief from the irritation as well as the strong itching sensation caused by mosquito bites. Salt and water is also an excellent combination to ward off bites in the future, as well as help to heal them currently. Another excellent product you can apply is calamine lotion. This will also help to get you relief from the intense itching. In a tropical country, you may also find it easy to get your hands on some pure eucalyptus oil. This is also an excellent repellent as well as healing agent.

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