Is stretching exercises good for Back Pain?

Stretching for back pain is important as it can help relieve back pain and helps you to gain flexibility too. When the core muscles (muscles of the abdomen, the back and the buttocks which support the spine) become weak, lower back pain results. Stretching exercises help to lengthen shortened muscles and also to relieve back pain. Lower back stretches will help you to live with a lot less pain and injuries.

Before you start doing any stretching for lower back pain, you would need to ask yourself which lower back stretches you should do. You should concentrate on the major muscles in your back. These are the Hamstring, the Hip Flexors, Gluteals, Erector Spinae and the Piriformis if you suffer from sciatica. These muscles are usually responsible for lower back pain. The way you stretch makes all the difference when you are stretching for back pain. If you stretch using the proprioceptive neuro-facilitation (PNF), you will find get relief from back pain and gain flexibility too. PNF stretches make your muscles perform a rebound relaxation and strengthen the muscle as well. It is important to stretch at least three times a day. It is also necessary to know exactly which muscles are causing the problem. If you do not know this, it could result in you stretching the wrong muscles. Stop exercising immediately if you have any pain during the stretching exercises. Failure to do this could result in even more damage to the muscles. Do not overdo the stretch as it will cause you more pain and do you even more harm. Lower back stretches will help you to correct muscle imbalances which in turn will improve your posture. Overall flexibility will also be improved. The stretches are a great stress reliever too.

Check with your doctor before you start on any stretching exercises. Do remember to do a warm up exercise for at least five minutes before you start any stretching exercise. A good low back stretch exercise is: Lie flat on your back on the floor. Bring your knees towards your chest and hold the back of your thighs. Pull your chin in and keep your tailbone, shoulder blades, and lower back pressed to the floor. Hold this position for about 20-30 seconds. Other best stretches for lower back pain that you can do are the Hip Flexor Stretch, Seated Lower Back, Gluteal Stretch, Cat and Camel Stretch and the Lower Back Twister.

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