What is the cure for hives?

The skin of the human body is made up of many different layers that help it perform its functions which include thermoregulation and protection from foreign objects and infections. As the skin is the external covering of the body, it is exposed to a number of different substances, some of which may be toxic. The skin therefore needs protection against various conditions that can affect it. Hives are a condition that can commonly affect the skin and the use of a natural cure for hives is very much recommended.

The term hives is used to describe a condition where the skin becomes red, itchy and raised. Hives may be caused by internal or external factors. One of the main causes of hives in adults as also in children would be allergens. When the individual’s body reacts to the substance, he or she may break out into hives. External stimuli can also cause hives. Some examples of external stimuli include poisonous plants or substances. The term hives covers a range of different causes that result in the skin being red and raised. In some cases, hives may be extremely itchy, while in others; they may be milder, causing only a visible change to the surface of the skin.

An individual affected by hives can use a natural cure for hives. There are many medical cures that can also be used. However, a natural cure for hives may be more easily available to the individual, especially if the condition occurs in an area where medical aid is not immediately available. The use of a natural cure for hives is recommended in such situations.

If you are wondering can stress cause hives, it is important to know that stress could be one of the main causes of hives. Stress is a well known trigger for hives. One may be confused how stress can cause hives. Stress tends to have a physiological impact on the individual’s health. When this happens, the body is in a tense state. The reaction of the immune system may be triggered off simply by this tension.

When treating hives using a hives natural treatment, one needs to use some substance that reduces the itchiness that is felt. The most common natural cure for hives uses oatmeal. Oatmeal can be used in a bath or as a paste to cover the itchy area. This is known to provide relief for itching as it tends to neutralize the substances causing the itch. One may also use some form of food or drink that helps to reduce stress when treating hives naturally. Studies have found that herbal teas are known to help reduce tension and stress. This method of treating hives naturally should be combined with the use of oatmeal and other natural substances.

An individual who is suffering from hives needs to avoid contact with the allergen substance that causes the problem in the first place. In many cases, individuals may not be aware that they are triggering off the reaction, especially when hives occur as a delayed reaction to food consumption. In such a situation, the patient may need to examine his or her diet thoroughly to identify the food that is triggering the reaction.

Another method of treating hives involves the use of a cold compress on the affected area. This is a therapeutic solution aimed simply at making it easier for the individual to handle the hives attack. In many cases, the use of a cold compress will help to calm the area down and slow down the reaction. Hives are often triggered or enhanced by hot weather. When a cold compress is used, the individual may experience some improvement in his or her condition. An individual suffering from chronic hives must visit a doctor for a diagnosis. This is essential because it is not possible to perform one’s normal daily functions when suffering from repeated outbreaks of hives.

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Hives or utricaria is a skin condition which leaves rings and patches all over the body.  It can be due to heredity, an allergic reaction, exposure to extreme temperatures, or excessive sweating. Try these home remedies for hives –

  • If hives is occurring due to an allergic reaction, then it is important to identify the allergen and completely avoid it to prevent hives.
  • Cold compresses when applied on hives will provide relief from the itching and pain.
  • To soothe nerves and decrease, drink peppermint or passionflower tea. This will help to handle stress, which is one of the triggering factors for hives.
  • Applying calamine lotion or aloe vera gel or vitamin E oil on the affected area twice daily will help to relieve the symptoms.
  • To avoid itching, soak yourself in warm water tub with ½ cup corm starch and ½ cup baking soda.

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