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Nail polish is used for enhancing the beauty of the fingers. It is traditionally present in different colors like red, pink or flesh colored shades. Unusual shades are also present. It completes the outfit that the individual is wearing. Depending on the color of the outfit, you can match with the nail paint. Nail polish is made up of nitrocellulose which is dissolved in solvents and it is left clear in case of clear nail polish or pigments are added in case of colored nail polish.

Colored or clear nail polish, it can be applied to mask the nail deformities like chipped and cracked nails or dirty nails. People who are particular with matching colors of dress and nail polish can have a choice of selecting colored nail polish of their liking. Clear nail polish can go with any of the outfit and its shine may look beautiful on nails.

If whacky uses are considered then colored nail polish can be used to give color codes to certain keys. It can also be used to make marks in the inside of the buckets to know the level of water. Clear nail polish can be applied on the screws of the new toilet seats to prevent it from rusting. It can be applied on warts to prevent it from spreading and the nail polish can remove and diminish the warts.

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The decision to use clear versus colored nail paint is a matter of personal preference. Colored nail varnishes that have strong tints can leave the nails looking yellow and feeling brittle. This is especially the case with prolonged usage. To take care of this problem, let the nails grow out first and then cut and shape them as desired. Moisturize frequently with some good quality moisturizer or a solution of rose water and glycerin. Once they have grown back you can then try the following tricks to ensure healthy and beautiful nails.

Yellowing fingernails: You can avoid this problem in the future by making sure you first paint your nails with two coats of clear base coat. This is a clear nail varnish over which you can apply any dark-colored nail paint. This prevents the nails from discoloring and also makes it easier to take the nail paint off. You can then top off the color with another coat of clear nail paint to increase the length of time the paint will last.

Chipped nails: Clear base coat are also very useful in cases of chipped or cracking nails. Painting the cracked nail with clear base coat prevents the break from painfully spreading further.

In the long run it is best to have periods of time your nails are free from any varnish, to give them time to "breathe" naturally, and to pamper them with a warm bath and loads of vitamin-e rich moisturizer.

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