I Smashed My Finger Nail. How Do I Get The Pain To Stop?

One of the most common injuries in childhood (and even later), is that of a smashed finger, caught between doors, crushed under a heavy object or injured while playing or doing something. Very often the finger nail is broken causing immense pain. Though finger nail injuries are not serious, they are still rather painful which can make it difficult to concentrate on any task. Sometimes finger nail injuries cause the nail to be lifted away from the nail bed, leading to some bleeding. Nail lacerations can occur and seem serious since the lacerations may go through the nails and the nail bed right up to the cuticle.

Sometimes when there is a finger nail injury, the blood collects between the finger nail and the nail bed, causing immense pain. Usually this is in a small portion of the nail and not very serious and should be allowed to heal by itself in a couple of days. You should try soaking the finger in warm salt water to help reduce the pain. Keep it bandaged if the nail bed is raw and hurting, in order to keep it clean and safe from infections.

However if the injury is serious and there is swelling and intense throbbing pain, it could be that your finger bone has cracked and it is not a mere finger nail injury. Consult a doctor, get an X-ray done and rule out the possibility of a hair-line fracture. In case of symptoms of an infection, such as pus being formed or fever, consult a doctor for adequate treatment and medication. Even in the case of a lot of bleeding, or if the nail has been torn off from the nail, bed, it is advisable to consult your family doctor or visit the emergency room. Sometimes they drain the blood which has collected in the nail bed, by piercing the clot. If the pressure caused by the blood clotting is not released, then your nail root could be harmed permanently. Do not try to do this yourself, because there is a possibility of pus, infections and other complications. If there is no improvement even after this, you should ask your doctor for another course of action.

Once your nail has healed, keep them healthy and well moisturized by regularly applying a good hand cream or Vaseline petroleum jelly on the nails. This will ensure that they do not become excessively brittle and thus prone to splits and cracks. Also avoid using the nail polish remover too often, since that dries the nails and makes them more brittle.

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