What are some home remedies for corns & callus

Corns are usually caused due to the pressure on the skin surfaces of toes and feet through incorrect foot wear. To avoid more corns choose comfortable footwear, wear clean socks and shoes and keep your feet clean. Some home remedies for corns and callus are listed below.

  • Tie a fresh slice of lemon on the area where corn is present on the feet. Leave it overnight.
  • Make a paste from 3-4 liquorice sticks, add ½ tsp of sesame oil or mustard oil to it and rub it on the hardened skin of corn. Leave it overnight, this remedy is very effective and will help to soften the hard kin.
  • Apply papaya juice over the affected area thrice daily. Papaya juice acts as an irritant and will help to treat corns.
  • Wear thick soled footwear to avoid pressure on your callus.
    Don’t try to cut your corn or callus at home, especially if you are suffering from diabetes. Corn removing plasters available in medical stores are also effective for stubborn corns. 

answered by S P

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