I am 37 weeks pregnant and having contractions but my doctor won't induce me. Is there a way for me to naturally induce myself?

The reason that your doctor is not inducing you is because there are chances when medicine is used it could affect your baby. You can however use a few home solutions that are perfectly harmless to the baby and would help in inducing labor in the natural manner. One of the best ways to induce labor is by walking. You can exercise in the form of brisk walking, squats and dancing to help encourage the birth of your baby. One of the biggest detriments to labor is if you are stressed. If you find yourself stressed, then you need to keep yourself relaxed. You could do this by using the various relaxation techniques available to you such as meditating, taking a nap, having a relaxing bath with soothing bath salts, listening to your favorite music thus eliminating the source of the stress. If you feel hot and uncomfortable because you are unable to deliver, take a cold shower and follow that with a hot tub bath. You could also help your body produce a hormone known as oxytocin which will help induce labor - this can be done by stimulating the nipple. You can stimulate your nipples by gently rubbing or rolling the nipple to encourage the start of contractions.

Homoeopathic medicines are nothing but a much diluted version of a more potent substance that is used to treat the body. Two homeopathic remedies used to stimulate labor are ulsatilla and Caulophyllum. Homoeopathy is considered to be safe and does not cause any damage to either the baby or mother. Herbs have been used since ancient times to induce labor. Some of the commonly used herbs to induce labor are; Evening Primrose Oil, Blue and Black Cohosh, False Unicorn Root, and Red Raspberry Leaf. The Prostaglandins present in the Evening Primrose Oil can be very helpful in ripening the cervix However, it is extremely important for you to check with you doctor before you decide to take any of these and never take any herbs during early pregnancy to induce labor as it can have serious side effects. Finally a natural method that is very effective is the ancient method of acupressure. This is the method where the specialist will apply pressure to certain points in your body, by applying pressure it causes the cervix to ripen and dilate. This is considered to be extremely safe with almost negligible amount of side effects to either the mother or to the baby.

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Firstly, it must be noted that labor tends to begin unpredictably and most of the times it starts later than the expected due date. As such a pregnant woman is not considered overdue until after 42 weeks. The due date that is given is a rough estimate. Delivery can take place anytime between 38 to 42 weeks. It is natural that you may be feeling discomfort as you approach your due date, but you must take into account that if your body is not ready for labor, and you try to induce yourself, then the chances of having a very long labor and also maybe a cesarean are high. Early inductions maybe harmful, as if a premature birth occurs, the baby may have difficulty in breathing since the lungs may have not been fully developed. Your doctor may not be inducing you due to reasons important for your baby's safety and also your own. There are some ways to stimulate labor naturally. However none of these will work if the body is not ready. These are just techniques to take your body a bit closer to labor, once it is already ready and the process has begun. It is important to note that even natural methods may have harmful repercussions. It is vital that you discuss the matter thoroughly with your doctor before attempting any of the methods.

Acupressure or acupuncture may be used in order to aid ripening or dilation of the cervix. This involves applying pressure to specific points on the body using your thumbs and fingers. Another way to induce labor is to stimulate the nipple as this releases oxytocin, which causes the uterus to contract and increases the intensity of the contractions. It is important to do this only after consulting your doctor as excessive stimulation of the nipple may cause very strong contractions. sexual intercourse is also a known method of inducing labor naturally, as oxytocin is released in a woman during orgasms. Another group of hormones that stimulate labor is prostaglandins, which is present in semen. During sexual intercourse, when semen is released from your partner, the prostaglandins present in it will help to ripen the cervix. There are also many herbs that are known to be effective in naturally inducing labor. Evening primrose oil contains prostaglandins and hence is effective in helping the cervix to ripen. False unicorn root, blue and black cohosh and red raspberry leaf are also well known herbs that are used in this regard. Again, you need to consult your doctor before using any of these herbs.

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Hi, i must wait for your natural labour pains, because in some patients labour pain starts at 37 weeks and in some patients it take time,may be in 40, or 42 weeks. so let it be on nature, as God has written, one more thing please don't take any medications or herbal or any other treatment,it may cause complications to you or your baby and you definately don't want that. So when ever you feel contractions you should start walking, even if u r in room,walking and little exercise can help. I hope you got your answer. God bless u and ur little one, who is waiting to come out..........

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I think the doctor knows best and there must be a reason why he doesn't want to induce labor...I wouldn't take anything to induce labor, I would let the doctor handle everything for me....good luck....hope u have a healthy baby......

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In ayurveda there is a medicine SUKUMARAKRUTHAM GHEE available in kerala.(kottackal pharmacy or oushadi pharmacy etc). You must consume one teaspoon in the morning and one teaspoon in the night before sleep.Usually ladies start this medicine during the eighth or nineth month of pregnancy.It actually acts as a lubricant which facilitates normal delivery as seen.Take proper meals and also consult with an efficient ayurvedic person about this

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A tablespoon of castor oil is supposed to induce oneself

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YOur doctor is right. Induction is generally thought onlyforoverdue babies.Your contractions can be due to there being a boy in the womb, who is anxious to see the outside world.Castor oil is the best easily available remedy, from 100 to 200 ml dose is taken depepending on mothers constitution. The details of how to take it are described athttp://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/ayurvedaonline/message/8718IN case castor oil is not available to you, some more herbs are also listed there.Unless you are in labour pains, do not expedite the event.If herbs described in above link are not available to you, take castor oil in milk only. Since contractions are already felt, even 100 ml dose may be adequate. Your apana vata is perhaps vitiated, causing early contractions. In case you wish to reduce contractions, take Garbhpal ras, 2 tabs twice a day after meals. These tablets are available online from ayurvedic pharmacies. Phal Ghrut about 1 tsp in milk, twice a day will also help to subside the contractions. Phal ghrut can be applied to belly, pelvis are or inside of thighs.

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