Is there any remedy for cold feet and cold hands. my feet and hands is ice cold right through the year.

Your hands and feet could turn cold during winter or even simply being in a cold environment for a significant period of time. However, having ice cold hands and feet right through the year is definitely an abnormality. One should be aware of the fact that poor circulation in hands and feet are one of the most common causes of this condition. Besides this, some of the other serious causes of the occurrence include coronary heart disease, stress and side effects of certain medications. Conditions like Reynaud's syndrome are also known to cause the individual to have very chilly hands and feet.

As a result of seriousness of the situation, it is recommended that you speak with a doctor as soon as possible in order to identify the root cause of the problem. Treatment for cold hands includes adapting your diet to make sure that your body receives higher quantities of omega 3 fatty acids while also making sure that you are consuming enough iron and vitamin C. Try keeping your feet as warm as possible right through the day by wearing socks. There is some success in treatment for cold hands through acupuncture that might help, should you wish to try it. However, make sure that you approach a highly trained professional to carry out the treatment.

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What causes cold hands and feet?

The occurrence of cold hands and feet is not uncommon and usually takes place when there is a blockage experienced by the blood vessels in the extremities. The tissue tension in and around the connective tissue of the fingers and the toes is one of the primary causes of cold hands and feet. Continued working with equipments that require you to strain the hands and the feet, such as a jackhammer, will cause the tension to mount in the connective tissue, leading to this condition. Apart from strenuous work, it is also an indication of coronary heart disease and needs immediate attention. Cold hands and feet symptoms are also commonly related to stress factors that are causing you mental and physical discomfort.

Identifying the cause of the stress and the worry will play a very important role in giving you a certain amount of relief from the condition. It is necessary that you eat healthy foods and get enough daily exercise and rest. This is important to keep your body fit and help you to avoid disorders like this that could be caused by health problems that have not yet surfaced. Staying calm, drinking plenty of water to hydrate the body and consuming fresh fruits and vegetables that provide the body with every ounce of nutrition required will also be of great help in treating the condition you are faced with.

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How can I get rid of It ?

Cold hands and feet are caused by a constriction of the blood vessels in the area of the extremities. It is important that you know the causes of the problem before you try to get rid of sweaty hands. When the blood vessels in the hands and feet are blocked, they tend to secrete sweat and oils that make one feel rather uncomfortable. Stress and mental tension are also causes of this problem that need to be addressed. There are various causes that attribute to the constricting and blockage of blood vessels, the most common of these being the consumption of large amounts of caffeine.

In order to stop sweaty hands and feet, it is important that you first identify the cause of the stress that leads to this condition. Once you have done this, you can work towards relaxation techniques that will help you overcome the condition. Similarly, consumption of foods that are healthy will help to clean out your system of any toxins that may lead to sweaty hands and feet. Avoiding foods that contain caffeine will also help to avoid sweating and making your self uncomfortable. Stay away from alcohol and nicotine based products as they tend to aggravate the situation.

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How to prevent sweaty hands?

Sweaty hands can make day to day living very difficult. The skin on the palms is designed to develop grip which allows an individual to hold, carry and manipulate objects. When the palms are sweaty, the individual will be unable to maintain proper grip. Actions considered basic in the modern world such as typing or driving may not be possible in such a situation. Sweating normally occurs as a result of the body trying to cool itself down in warm and humid conditions. Sweating may also occur as a result of some emotional stress or fear that the individual is facing.

The process of sweating is automatic and is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. The treatment for sweaty hands is therefore targeted at this system. Treatment options include oral medication and the use of anti-perspirats that are applied directly to the area. In more extreme cases, the individual may need to undergo a small surgery which aims to reduce the sensitivity of the sympathetic nervous system. This is only done if other medical techniques fail to produce the desired results. One may also go for laser surgery that works on the affected area to reduce the effectiveness of the sweat glands in that area of the body.

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