Cold feet and hands, but the worst is the fact that my legs have strange gray and blue color especially around knees. When I press on the skin white circles appear. Is it something that I need to worry about? Thank you for advise.

Cold hands and feet could indicate a number of problems such as hypothyroidism. This essentially refers to lower levels of an essential thyroid hormone. As unlikely and strange as it might seem, it could be that parasites are responsible for that cold feeling. In this case the nutrition that was intended for the body's cells goes to feed these parasites instead. As a result, mal-absorption syndrome is what develops, leading to problems which seem to be linked to signs of anemia. This problem typically causes that cold feeling, akin to feeling malnourished. Another cause of this problem could be Candida, an extremely common fungus which affects numerous people the world over. The difficulty here is that there could be myriad other possible explanations such as poor circulation on account of issues like coronary heart disease. Even the skin discoloration could be attributable to causes like Argyria, which is quite unusual. It is for your doctor to examine you and arrive at a diagnosis. The doctor too would need to consult your medical history and possibly recommend a few tests. Be sure to let your doctor know about other symptoms accompanying the ones you have already listed. He or she will want to know about any other unusual changes or experiences, including seemingly unrelated ones like mood swings and depression.

Smoking and caffeine are two things you will probably have to avoid since they can cause circulation problems. Many people turn to these two comforts, especially when it gets cold owing to their warming effect. But what most people do not realize is that these are what can interfere with circulation and cause the problem of cold hands and feet in the first place. With most ailments, what you really need is regular and correct nutrition. A food plan which includes fruits and vegetable in large amounts usually works for most problems with our bodies. However, specific disorders may require more of one type of food and less of the other. While water is usually the cure to countless body ailments, in some cases, controlled fluid intake may be prescribed. To reiterate, these are general home treatments and unless you have been diagnosed by a qualified physician, you should not attempt to treat yourself. It can be dangerous to pop pills or use home treatments that might exacerbate the condition you actually have. What works for one condition might cause problems if your disorder is a completely different one.

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