My hands and feet freeze quickly in the cold, is it bad blow flow? I am not sure, if so what can I do?

Everyone feels the chill during winter. But if your hands and feet freeze by the slightest change in temperature then you might be suffering from Raynaud's syndrome. People with Raynaud's syndrome suffer from poor blood circulation mainly in their hands and feet even if the temperature changes slightly. Their toes and fingers turn almost white or turn a bit bluish when they get cold. When the blood rushes back, they turn red, after the body gets warm and might experience pain. Raynaud's maybe caused due to stress, blood vessels being overactive, improper functioning of the connective tissue, etc. Usually you do not really need to see a doctor for it unless your fingers feel really weak or you experience extreme pain or any other severe symptoms.

You can keep your hands and feet warm by wearing warm woolen or thermal gloves or mittens and socks. They will help to keep your hands and feet insulated to keep them warm and prevent them from freezing. Also wear a warm woolen hat to prevent the body heat from escaping from your head. Once the body heat is trapped inside by wearing warm hats gloves and socks, it will be easier to avoid your hands and feet from freezing.

In addition to that you can also try wearing heat bands for your wrists. They trap a layer of still air between the skin and the material of the band and reflect the body's own heat back to the wearer. The warmth thus keeps the blood flowing into the hands and prevents them from freezing. They work by using the body's own heat and do not need batteries.

Try practicing yoga as a few of them are specifically meant to enhance the blood circulation and keep your body warm. You can also try a simple quick exercise if your hands freeze. Just swing both your arms like a windmill. Its fun and it will instantly increase the circulation of blood into your arms and hands. This will keep them warm and prevent freezing.

You could also try having a pinch of Cayenne pepper in glass of water. This will help to increase the flow of blood in your body and thus help to keep it warm.

Avoid consuming dehydrating products such as caffeinated drinks. Instead have lots of water, fresh fruit juices, warm soups, herbal teas, etc. and keep your body well hydrated as this will prevent circulation problems and keep you warm.

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