SGPT 188 & bilirubin 10.8 which type of jaundice. Remedy for that?

From where have you obtained these measurements and are they the reason why you think you have jaundice, or have you noticed other symptoms as well? Both the measurements you have provided seem rather normal, however SGPT and bilirubin are measured in several ways, so it is not really possible to come up with a diagnosis based on the numbers you mention. If you suspect that you have jaundice and you have not already visited a doctor, you should do so immediately. Your doctor will be able to examine your reports and symptoms more thoroughly and determine whether or not you are suffering from jaundice and if so, how serious it is.

If the infection is serious, you should let the doctor decide what course of action to take, and you should follow his instructions strictly. However, in the meanwhile, you can try some simple dietary modifications that will help - for a few days, you should consume only juices. In particular, you can drink lots of lime juice, a glass of tomato juice once a day, sugarcane juice, and orange juice. Next, you can move to a fruit diet for a few days, and then to light, simple food. Avoid alcohol and oily and spicy food. In addition, make sure you drink enough water everyday.

answered by G M

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