Is curd or milk products are harmful for a jaundice patient? Does it increases bilirubin level?

Jaundice is caused by an extremely high level of bilirubin in the blood stream, causing the skin and the whites of the eyes to turn yellow. The liver is an important internal organ of the body because it purifies the blood. When the bilirubin levels increase, the chemical enters the liver and brings about the production of bile.

The best way to treat someone suffering with jaundice is to put him onto an all fruit juice diet for a week or so. Besides this, a daily enema is advised to clear out the bowels of all the toxins that are causing an increase in the level of bilirubin. Foods such as milk products and egg are complex, and will cause a strain on an already weak system. Besides this, they increase the level of bilirubin, further increasing the production of bile which causes a nauseous feeling. After having been on a fruit juice diet for a week, the next few days should consist of meals containing fresh fruits. The fruits provide the body with the required nutrients to build up the immune system and also detoxify the body naturally. Oily and fatty foods should be strictly avoided because they can further damage the liver.

Well recommended home remedies for the treatment of jaundice include the consumption of the juice of radish leaves that are crushed and strained. The juice helps the liver to function normally and is therefore advised for treating jaundice. A decoction of the chicory plant is highly recommended as it brings about a significant reduction in the production of bile, thereby treating jaundice. chamomile tea is known for its detoxifying effects, and when consumed on a daily basis, will remove toxins from the body that are causing damage to the liver. Another home remedy for jaundice that is often recommended to someone suffering with jaundice is the ingestion of lots of fluids. These fluids help to wash out the liver effectively and regenerate normal functioning of the same. Buttermilk, to which a pinch of pepper has been added, should be taken three or four times a day as it does not contain high levels of bilirubin and because it strengthens the immune system, enabling it to fight the disease naturally. One must also be careful to ensure that food consumed is basic and not rich to taste, as no excessive strain should be placed on the liver to purify blood. It is also important that all water that is being consumed be boiled to kill any germs that may cause further damage.

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