Parsley as a home remedy to treat UTI.

Parsley is one of the most popular of all traditional remedies for treating any infection of the urinary tract. It was administered because of its ability to flush out bacteria that are present in urinary track or bladder. Urinary tract infections are caused by bacterial growth in the bladder and urinary tract.

There are a number of herbs and fruits that have diuretic abilities, which means that they increase the amount of urine passing through the bladder. This helps to wash away and flush out bacteria. Parsley is just one such diuretic along with hydrangea, and dandelion. Parsley's seeds are also rich in a substance that is used at times to treat UTIs, and it also gives relief from and reduces inflammation. Parsly also contains certain substances that are effective against fungal infections. You can boil parsley in either tea or plain water and drink it, to help with the problem. Eating parsley will not be very effective to say the least.

Parsley is not the only effective natural treatment for urinary tract infections and cranberry juice which has become increasingly popular, is now regarded as the most effective remedy against UTIs. The juice contains certain chemicals that prevent the infection from setting in and can also help dislodge it.

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