I am suffering from bloody pile from Last 3 yrs I cured it with Homeopathy but it occurs within 6 months pls help me.

One of the biggest problems with piles is that it can be a lifelong problem if the sufferer isn’t careful about his or her eating habits and lifestyle. In bleeding piles, or internal piles, the veins inside the rectum are swollen and inflamed. In this type of piles, there is itching, swelling and bleeding, unlike external piles, which has no bleeding. When the veins burst and cause bleeding, the condition is called bleeding piles. If you improve your lifestyle and keep a watch on what you eat, you will be able to control your problem of piles for good. The major causes of piles are constipation and standing or sitting in one place for a long time. If your diet does not have adequate fibers or if you consume excessive spices, you will be at a higher risk of suffering from piles. Excessive consumption of junk food and processed food also results in constipation, which causes piles too. White flour should especially be avoided, as it cannot be digested easily. Also, to improve your bowel movement, you must drink lots of water everyday and include raw vegetables, fruits and fruits juices in your daily diet. A generous consumption of green leafy vegetables is also beneficial in keeping the colon clean and preventing bowel obstruction.  

You can prevent piles from troubling you by eating at least one apple a day and drinking the juice of two oranges. Beetroot is also known to make passing of stools easy and painless. Also, beetroot is rich in iron, which means it helps in making up for the blood that you loose while defecating. There are many remedies that help in treating all kinds of piles. Soak four dry figs in water overnight and eat them first thing in the morning, along with the water. The tiny seeds of figs are good curers of piles. Another effective remedy is mixing one tablespoon of the juice of coriander leaves with one teaspoon sugar and consuming it thrice everyday. You can make an effective medicine by mixing half a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice, one teaspoon of lime juice and mint juice each, and a tablespoon of honey. While you use the remedies, make sure that you get some form of physical exercise for about 30 minutes everyday. This will also help in the smooth functioning of your bowel movements. Obesity, mental tension and stress are also culprits that cause constipation and piles. Shed those extra pounds if you are overweight and try to be as relaxed as possible.

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Complete cure can be expected, if you had opted for this treatment from day one. A deviation from the original is possible. Reducing the size is possible. Ice application for bleeding piles is helpful. Eat easily digested foods. Try to pass stool, atleast twice a day.

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Preventing constipation is of most important to prevent recurrence of piles. A high-fiber diet, daily exercise, and losing excess weight are advised to maintain healthy digestion and elimination. To prevent hemorrhoids blackberries, blueberries, cherries and vitamin C is useful. Drinking enough water with a high-fiber meal or supplement will cause the stools to be softer and easier to pass, reducing straining.

Good toilet habits should be educated. Promptly responding to the urge to defecate will help encourage regular bowel movements. Defecation should be done without rushing or straining.

Properly selected homoeopathic remedy according to totality of symptom as well as medicine selected on constitution will help to give permanent relief from bleeding piles.

Some homoeopathic medicines commonly prescribed are Collinsonia, Aesculus, Hamaelis, Nux Vomica, ,Causticum , Aloe selected according to totality of symptom will give relief.

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