Please prescribe some homeopathy remedies for dry piles which come up due to consumption of chillies and spices in food.

There is a vast variety of homeopathic medicines that can help cure piles. The most popular one for piles caused due consumption of to strong foods is Nux Vomica. The symptoms that this medication will effectively eradicate are itching, hemorrhoids, constant feelings of constriction in the rectum and painful chronic constipation. The medication should be taken before 7 am or after 7 pm. This medication should be taken twice a day.

Lycopodium is yet another very useful remedy for hard piles that contain large quantities of blood and ultimately burst and bleed. This medication should not be consumed between 4 pm and 4 am. Any other time of the day is fine, and it should be consumed once a day.

Aesculus is suitable to the form piles that poke the rectum like a splinter. They may or may not bleed. Dryness, burning and itching are good symptoms of the particular kind of piles that are cured by Aesculus. This medication may be taken twice a day, and the patient may not eat or drink anything for an hour before or after consuming this medication.

Pulsatilla is also effective in curing piled caused due to consumption of rich foods. This medicine may be taken twice a day and not after 4 pm or before 4 am.

Other medications for general piles cures are Arnica, Graphites and Sulphur.

answered by G M

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