Treatment for tooth ache/swollen lymph node? Old tooth cap came off recently. Using Orajel, but the temporary relief is only suffice for 20 mins

Unfortunately, dental problems can be very painful and they can put a big dent in your mood! A couple of things that will help keep you going until you get to the dentist:

  1. Fill the hole in your tooth with dental wax or bees wax, this will prevent food from getting down there so that you do not get an infection. Be sure to change it every time you brush your teeth.
  2. To help ease the swelling and ache, try swishing hot (as hot as you can stand) salt water in your mouth to cleanse it and ease the pain. This will decrease the swelling and help clean out any infection.
  3. A natural alternative to Orajel is Arnica gel. You can apply this directly to the gums as many times a day as you need with lesser side effects.
  4. Filling the hole with a past made from slippery elm and water also helps with the pain and infection
  5. You can take Tea Tree essential oil tincture and infuse water with it to clean and disinfect your mouth to take the swelling out and cure infection
  6. Probably the best herbal remedy for a tooth ache is cloves. Try packing the tooth with a paste of ground cloves and water or putting whole cloves in your cheek next to the effected tooth.

answered by R P

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